Collect 2

to Discord

Up and running in 2 minutes

No need to install a plugin

Get Woocommerce notifications in Discord. Get informed when a Woocommerce order has succeeded. Get informed when a payment has been made.

Follow this tutorial on
how to do it.

Without having to set up a server yourself, we receive all your essential webhook events.

Step 1

Get a webhook URL at Collect2

A dataset is where you store your data at Give it a name like "Woocommerce". You will get an API url right away in the form of

Step 2

Fill in the webhook URL in Woocommerce

Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks.

Enter the information. Most important is to enter the Collect2 webhook URL in Delivery URL

Status: Set to Active.

Action Event: This option is available when the Topic is a WooCommerce Action, such as woocommerce_add_to_cart for when customers add products to the shopping cart.

Delivery URL: Copy the webhook url you just generated at Collect2.

Step 3

Get a discord webhook

1. Open your Server Settings Integrations tab, click "Create webhook" and Click "Copy webhook url".

Step 4

Forward data

Go to Collect2 and click the tab "Forwarders" and copy the discord url in the URL field. Select "Use a template to format your output and add the following the Forward format.

Step 5

Test the forwarder

Click on "test forwarder" to see if the message is delivered in Discord. If so, click on "create forwarder" and the integration is now complete.