Woocommerce to Discord

Up and running in 2 minutes

No need to install a plugin

  • Get Woocommerce notifications in Discord.
  • Get informed when a Woocommerce order has succeeded.
  • Get informed when a payment has been made.

Follow this tutorial on how to do it.

Without having to install a plugin you can connect your Woocommerce with Discord.

  • 1 Get a webhook URL at Collect2

    A dataset is where you store your data at collect2.com. Give it a name like "Woocommerce". You will get an API url right away in the form of https://cl2.io/12312312-a23d-abcd-abcd-abcd1234abcd/

  • 3 Fill in the webhook URL in Woocommerce

    Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks.

    Enter the information. Most important is to enter the Collect2 webhook URL in Delivery URL

    Status: Set to Active.
    Action Event: This option is available when the Topic is a WooCommerce Action, such as woocommerce_add_to_cart for when customers add products to the shopping cart.
    Delivery URL: Copy the webhook url you just generated at Collect2.

  • 2 Get a discord webhook

    1. Open your Server Settings Integrations tab, click "Create webhook" and Click "Copy webhook url".

  • 4 Forward data

    Go to Collect2 and click the tab "Forwarders" and copy the discord url in the URL field.
    Select "Use a template to format your output and add the following the Forward format.

      "username": "Test user",
      "content": "New order: {{total}}.\n {% for line_item in line_items %}{{line_item.name}} - {{line_item.price}}\n{%endfor%}"

  • 5 Test the forwarder

    Click on "test forwarder" to see if the message is delivered in Discord. If so, click on "create forwarder" and the integration is now complete.

Create your integration now.