Collect 2

Set up your
webhook proxy

Get your API endpoint in 2 minutes

Never miss a webhook call from your integration partner

No need to worry about keeping your endpoint up. Integrate faster with integration partners like Stripe, SendGrid, Paddle, etc..

Follow this tutorial on
how to do it.

Without having to set up a server yourself, we receive all your essential webhook events.

Step 1

Create a dataset

A dataset is where you can store your data at The only thing you need to do is give it a name. You get an API url right away in the form of

Step 2

Adding the webhook url to a service.

Github, Stripe, Chargebee, SendGrid, SignRequest, Twillio, etc. to just name a couple, they all send event data by submitting data to a webhook url. Just fill the URL you just obtained and start collecting right away!

Here you see the webhook settings page of Github

Step 3

Explore the data

Once the data is in you can start exploring the nature of the data.

Step 4

Forward data

Once the data is in, you can forward the data to your own application.

Step 5

Pull data

Instead of setting your application up to receive data, it is also possible to request the Collect2 API. This way you can import the data that is convenient for you.