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  • Receiving data from any service.
  • Forward data directly to your own or other applications.
  • Get insight into your data with our graphs and dashboards.

Collect2, use and connect your data

Collect2 is a very flexible tool that comes with many features.


Analyse the data. Once the data is in you can use the graphs and tables around your data.


Export data to Excel or CSV, create from any datasource a spreadsheet.


Connect any incoming data to other services. The forwarder allows you to transform data and connect platforms without the need to code.

How to start

Without having to set up a server yourself, you can receive data from any source on the internet

  • 1 Create a dataset

    A dataset is where you can store your data at The only thing you need to do is give it a name. You get an API url right away in the form of

  • 2 Get data in

    You can send any JSON to the endpoint from your application, command line, or 3rd party software. To try out, you can even use an example dataset.

    It is as simple as sending a post to an URL

  • 3 Explore data

    Once the data is in, you can start exploring the data you just received.

  • 4Forward data

    Now that the data is in, you can forward the data to your own application or and other service.

  • 5 Summarize and export

    Only the data you have selected will show up in the overview. You can export this data to excel and CSV.

  • 6 Visualize

    The numbers are recognized automatically and made visible in the graph.

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